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MIRACLE HAPPENS Testimoni Leukocatoclastic Vasculitis

My condition is Leukocatoclastic Vasculitis which I have had for 10 years. I spent two years in hospital flat on my back. I had two hourly pain relief injections, I had 6 months of chemotherapy. When I left hospital I was still having pain relief injections every two hours. Also I was told I would never walk again.

Before I took the Alpha Lipid Lifeline, Colostem and Cellworx I was very bad health wise.

I was unable to walk, just able to get from the bed into my wheelchair and then to the toilet. I always had a helper with me as I had very little movement.

After about two months I felt a slight easing of movement and could shuffle a little. After time it got better and better and now I can walk on my own. I walk around my lounge about 17 times a day which is very good. I can walk 150 metres alone and half a kilometre with my wheelchair. I have also been dancing.

My pain level is much better only about half as bad as before, some days are better than others but I expect that from time to time. I was required to take large amounts of medication including morphine, I still take a small amount of medication but I am looking forward to reducing it even more.

Inge Koschel
North Cairns, Queensland

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